Our Way of Working

Heal the past…..Live in the present….Change the future

Change Futures uses a trauma informed approach in our work as we recognise that “individuals who have been deeply hurt by traumatising, silencing, non-validating and blaming abusers need access to systems of care, protection and justice that are knowledgeable, understanding, accepting and validating, and which can offer interventions that become part of the solution rather than part of the problem” (ASCA Practice Guidelines).

Trauma often goes unrecognised in many of our care systems, it is often undiagnosed and associated behaviours misunderstood. This is particularly important for the work of Change Futures as we work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island adults and children, refugees, people with a mental health disability, carers and clients with complex trauma who have experienced  abuse as children.

Our logo – Heal the past…live in the present …change the future – reflects our beliefs and experience that trauma and pain can be healed and a new sustaining and hopeful life can be a reality.

One of the most dramatic findings of research in the neurobiology of attachment is that healing can take place even after experiences of childhood trauma. This is according to the major criteria with which healing is associated – ie. restoration of a sense of safety and well-being, capacity to engage in healthy relationships with others, and general ability to enjoy life.

It can now be established that with appropriate working through of even severely traumatic early experience, trauma can be resolved.

When parents who have significant trauma in their own childhood are healed, they can make sense of their own lives. In doing so, they have stopped the intergenerational transmission of trauma and ‘the children attached to these adults have secure attachments and do well!’

History is not destiny – if you’ve come to make sense of your life. It isn’t just what happened to you that determines your future – it’s how you’ve come to make sense of your life that matters most. Moreover, the experience in later relationships can actually change the future development of the mind.” (ASCA Practice Guidelines)

Change Futures works to the recommendations of ASCA about providing an environment that ensures:

  • Safety: Ensure physical and emotional safety
  • Trustworthiness: Maximise trustworthiness through task clarity, consistency, and interpersonal boundaries
  • Choice: Maximise consumer choice and control
  • Collaboration: Maximise collaboration and sharing of power
  • Empowerment: Prioritise empowerment and skill-building

Change Futures also delivers training, research and advocacy in mental health and wellbeing. It is able to offer organisational and professional development to other community and health services and their staff.

Our Principles

These principles to were created at request of the board to guide and inform our staff, our clients and our partners. They underpin the consistency of practice and behaviour of all involved with Change Futures.

1.    Client Directed: All activities of Change Futures will be focussed and directed on the improved wellbeing of others – individuals, groups and organisations.

2.    Integrity: All people and organisations working under or in partnership with Change Futures will conduct themselves ethically and honestly.

3.    Individuality: Individuality, diversity and difference will be embraced and accepted with respect.

4.    Kindness: We will be kind to ourselves, our colleagues and those with whom we work.

5.    Outcome Focussed: We will focus always on achieving and measuring change.