Principles, Frameworks and Policy Documents

We have a range of documents that guide our work, these include:

Quality Management Framework

This Framework guides our approach to the quality of service and client experience.

Outcome Measurement Framework
This Framework guides our approach to measurement of the effectiveness of services and outcomes for clients.

Policies and Procedures
Change Futures has a range of policies and procedures that cover governance, client related matters and human resource issues including, Privacy and Confidentiality; Client Non Discrimination; Risk Management; WH & S; Recruitment and Selection of Staff; Volunteers etc.

Our Principles
Principles to Guide and Inform Purpose, Practice and Behaviour

Purpose of Principles:

To underpin consistency of practice and behaviour of all involved in the operation and activities of Change Futures, the Board requested that a set of Principles be developed. These principles will guide decision making, relationships, focus and vision and will enable individuals and organisations to determine their potential fit with Change Futures.


1. Client Directed: All activities of Change Futures will be focussed and directed on the improved wellbeing of others – individuals, groups and organisations.

  • We will ensure that clients are supported to set their own goals for interaction with the service and will be the arbiters of this process. This will be measured at each contact through specific tools such as the SRS to ensure that clients are receiving the service they want; that they are feeling heard and respected; and that they feel safe and connected in interactions with staff.

2. Integrity: All people and organisations working under or in partnership with Change Futures will conduct themselves ethically and honestly.

  • We will be self-reflective and true to ourselves and our purpose
  • We will ensure that all work with clients is undertaken in an ethical manner remaining true to the organizational and program goals.
  • We will build respectful and collaborative relationships with other organisations and community groups.

3. Individuality: Individuality, diversity and difference will be embraced and accepted with respect.

  • Each client’s experience and journey will be treated with respect and acceptance and each individual will be accorded personal dignity. The focus always will be on personal empowerment, strengths and resilience.
  • We will support clients to access information and support through a range of channels to ensure most appropriate access and to allow sense of control and safety – these include telephone contact, face to face contact, Skype contact, email contact, facilitated closed chat sessions; peer support groups.

4.  Kindness: We will be kind to ourselves, our colleagues and those with whom we work.

  • The relationship between client and staff will be paramount, with the client experiencing unconditional positive regard.
  • Staff and volunteers will also be kind to themselves ensuring their own wellbeing through self-care plans and regular supervision.

5. Outcome Focussed: We will focus always on achieving and measuring change.

  • We will measure all contacts, interventions and relationships to ensure that the most appropriate and effective service is being provided and that the client is achieving the outcomes they desire.