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Change Futures (Groupshot)

We have a trauma-informed approach in all of our work as increasingly the evidence points to the detrimental psychological and physical impacts of trauma. In all of our work, we seek to address the thoughts, emotions,  body and spiritual elements of human beings. We know that connection and the quality of the therapeutic alliance are essential components of effective therapy and we measure this every session.

We also know that boundaries should be understood and respected at all times, as this contributes to a feeling of safety for clients, and no therapeutic work can be successful if the client feels unsafe. We seek to provide a warm, welcoming, comfortable environment for clients, using plants, furnishings, colours, music and aromatherapy.

Change Futures has an holistic view of human beings as integrated beings comprising mind (thoughts and emotions), body and spirit- for this reason we partner closely with a physiotherapist and a range of natural health practitioners to deliver yoga, physiotherapy, massage, naturopathy and related services.

Generalist Services

We offer psychological counselling for a range of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, adjustment and trauma based disorders as well as for issues such as relationship challenges; grief and loss; parenting; personality difficulties. These services are for all ages from pre school to older people. Find out more >

Specialist Services

We offer a range of services to older people living in aged care, to refugees, to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders children and families, to people with a disability and to carers. These services are available for all ages from children to older adults. Find out more >

Professional Services

Staff of Change Futures are highly experienced therapists and offer professional supervision to psychologists (provisional, general and clinical); to social workers; family support workers and community service staff.

We also provide Employee Assistance Programs to staff and volunteers of organisations who are struggling with work or personal challenges. This is funded by the organisation for the benefit of the staff member.

Coaching and mentoring is also available to help you achieve your potential and overcome the challenges and unhelpful messages that may be holding you back.

For more information, See Organisational Development.

Change Futures offers a range of training activities throughout the year and the calendar is planned six months ahead for people to organise their attendance. These workshops are mostly for professionals in human services.