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Welcome to the Change Futures Support Network

If you are new to Change Futures and are waiting for your first appointment then please watch this introductory video as it will give you a good overview of our organisation along with some suggestions about what you can be doing to help you to stay calm and deal with your personal issues until you meet with one of our wonderful team members.


What is depression, what causes it, what are the symptoms? This video will give you an excellent overview on how depression effects you emotionally and physically and will give you practical steps that you can start taking now to get you on the road to recovery and a happier, more positive life.



Has anxiety slowly taken control of your life? This video will give you a better understanding about how anxiety effects the way you think, feel and act. Also it will give you helpful tips that you can follow when you sense you are about to experience a anxiety attack.


Adjustment and Trauma Based Disorders

Dramatic events that happen in our lives, especially when we are young, can cause trauma that can have a deep impact on us and effect our behaviour in many ways throughout our entire life.  This video explains what trauma is and how, through understanding is causes, you can start your a journey of personal development and growth as you work towards building a more rewarding life.


Relationship Challenges

Throughout our lives we all have many relationships with a broad range of people including family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Most relationships can be good experiences but what do you do when a relationship turns bad or even destructive? This video will explain the basics of interpersonal communications and offer suggestions for improving or repairing relationships with people your care about.


Grief and Loss

In life when sad or hurtful things happen it perfectly natural to experience grief and sometimes be overwhelmed by our emotions. Be it a death of a loved one, the loss of a home, a job, money, health or a relationship, grief will normally appear. This video will explain the various stages of grief so the you know what to expect and it will give you some strategies to help you cope and move forward with your life.



Unfortunately there is no manual for being perfect parents. We all want to be good parents and do the right thing for our children but sometimes despite our best intentions conflicts and issues can push families and relationships to a breaking point. This video will discuss the key issues most parents have with their children and offer proven strategies for improving communications and relationships with our loved ones.


Personality Difficulties

When we are young and going through our formative years we learn habits and attitudes that influence the way we behave and how we interact with other people for the rest of our lives. Positive behaviour usually leads to good relationships with others but if we have deep rooted negative behaviours they can cause a lifetime of conflict. This video contains enlightening information about understanding our own personality and how to improve it if we choose to.