Topics – Older Adults

We have worked with thousands of older adults since 2014, helping them to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Older adults have unique needs encompassing all of the concerns of younger adults and also face issues around ageing, health, cognitive changes and chronic pain. While adjustment issues and grief and loss are major needs, we also recognise that supporting older adults to find their own strengths and build their resilience is a major contributor to improving wellbeing.

Our practice is committed to promoting healthy ageing and empowering older adults to maintain their independence and quality of life.

We use a range of therapies including CBT, mindfulness-based therapies, Interpersonal therapy, trauma informed therapy, psychodynamic therapy and solution-focused therapy. We are experienced in effectively engaging and working with older adults.

Our psychologists take a compassionate and holistic approach to working with older people.  We understand that as we age, we face unique challenges and may need additional support to maintain our mental health and well-being. That’s why we offer a range of psychology services tailored specifically to the needs of older people, including individual and group therapy.

How different therapies might help:

  1. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): This approach focuses on helping individuals identify and modify negative thoughts and behaviours that may be contributing to their problems. CBT can be effective for a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.
  2. Interpersonal therapy (IPT): This approach focuses on helping individuals improve their communication skills and relationships with others. It may be particularly useful for older people experiencing social isolation or difficulties in their relationships.
  3. Psychodynamic therapy: This approach focuses on helping individuals understand and resolve unconscious conflicts and patterns of behaviour. It may be helpful for older people dealing with long-standing emotional or psychological issues.
  4. Mindfulness-based therapies: These approaches, which include mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), focus on helping individuals to develop a greater awareness of the present moment and their thoughts and emotions. These therapies may be helpful for older people experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression.
  5. Solution-focused therapy: This approach focuses on helping individuals identify and build on their strengths and resources to achieve specific goals. It may be particularly useful for older people who are facing specific challenges or seeking to make positive changes in their lives.
  6. Grief counselling: This approach specifically focuses on helping individuals cope with the loss of a love one and the process of grieving.