Who We Are

In the beginning….

Julie Aganoff set up Change Futures in 2014 as a registered charity and not for profit psychology practice. Julie has 40 years experience in the community and not for profit sector so this was a natural progression from working for other organisations to establishing a new organisation.

The intent was to enable access to quality mental health services for vulnerable and marginalised clients. Access is a key issue, and much of the work undertaken by Change Futures is delivered as outreach in residential aged care facilities.

The establishment of Change Futures also offered an opportunity to provide internships for new psychology graduates to enable them to achieve full registration. Julie has been training and supervising psychologists for 25 years including managing an internship program for more than 20 years.

Julie has also been committed to making the organisation values based. Our mission, vision and values are outlined below.

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Our Mission

The purpose of Change Futures is to work with people of all ages to provide opportunities for positive change and to enhance their psychological and emotional well-being.

Now more than ever, we recognise that the need to access psychologists and counsellors is greater than ever, and we are making sure that we are offering additional services to the Southeast QLD and Northern NSW communities to support their mental health needs.

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Our Vision

Change Futures believes that if we heal the past and live in the present we can change the future.

Change Futures is committed to achieving this vision by focusing on delivering high quality mental health services and clinical excellence in all that we do.

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Our Values

At Change Futures we value PartnershipAuthenticity, Individuality, Kindness, and Reflective Practice.