Work With Us

Why Work With Us

At Change Futures we value all of our people and want to offer a range of benefits to ensure your career with us is rewarding and as fulfilling as possible.


Training and development

No matter where you are in your professional journey, training and professional development is essential. At Change Futures, we provide unique and carefully crafted training opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge of our practitioners.

We care about our people and want them to have the knowledge and experiences to not only support their clients but to grow into confident and skilled practitioners.

This continues throughout our internships and beyond in the form of career planning, mentoring, and paid professional development opportunities.


Unique opportunities

Change Futures has unique opportunities to work with a wide range of clients across multiple service streams. Every day you can have a mix of clients which meet your interests and needs.

Our opportunities provide practitioners with the experience needed to grow their skills and professional knowledge.


Warmth and support

We are constantly growing, evolving, and improving. But the warmth, kindness, and support we give to all our people never changes. We value your wellbeing and do everything we can to provide a professional and supportive environment for you to thrive.


Remuneration and benefits

We are able to offer attractive salary packaging due to our PBI status, where you can access up to $15,900 tax-free to increase your take home pay.

On top of this we offer:

  • Competitive remuneration, super, and leave loading.
  • Secure part-time and full-time employment.
  • Flexible subcontracting options.
  • Free monthly small group supervision.
  • Flexibility with days and hours.
  • Professional development package.

Continuing Professional Development

We offer a variety of CPD training depending on the programs and client groups you are working with as a provisional or fully registered psychologist. The following outlines the program streams and training modules you can expect to be enrolled in for each area of work. You will be eligible for practice certificates after completion of all modules in each stream.

Older Persons Services

Training for working with older adults both in Residential Aged Care and in the community will focus on reminiscence therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, cognitive assessment, understanding dementia and working with older adults.

Compulsory training which is to be completed before commencement consists of 5.5 hours. This is followed by core training which is completed within six months and consists of 49.5 hours. There is also an advanced level of training comprising 59.5 hours of training.

Completion of the entire suite of training will entitle the practitioner to the Change Futures Older Person’s Practice Certificate.

Professional Services

The focus areas for training in the Professional Services stream include trauma, working in a service system, brief interventions, advanced risk assessment and prevention, and working with severe and complex clients.

Compulsory training which is to be completed before commencement consists of 12.5 hours of training. This is followed by core training which is completed within six months comprising 41 hours and the advanced level of training which is 20 hours of training.

The completed suite of training will entitle the practitioner to the Change Futures Professional Services Practice Certificate.

Community Services

The training focus areas within the Community Services stream will be outreach work, working with children, managing in home risk, and cultural awareness.

The completed suite of training will entitle the practitioner to the Change Futures Community Services Practice Certificate.

NDIS Services

Training for the NDIS service stream focuses on working with clients with a disability, ADHD and autism, and behaviour management.

It will also be compulsory to complete the NDIS Worker Orientation Module and have a positive NDIS Worker Screening Clearance.

The completed suite of training will entitle the practitioner to the Change Futures NDIS Practice Certificate.

Private Practice Services

The focus areas for this stream include advanced counselling skills, working with children and families, advanced risk management, and applying specific interventions.

Career Planning and Development

We offer career planning at all stages of your journey with us. Whether you’re a provisional or fully registered psychologist, or hold one of our organisational positions, we want to help you to explore what possibilities for growth and development are available to you at Change Futures.

We offer one-on-one career planning meetings to discuss your personal interests, where you see you career going, and how we can help you to achieve this.

Remuneration and Benefits

We offer a competitive remuneration package to our early career fully registered psychologists. We also offer:


  • Superannuation and leave loading
  • Paid sick leave (pro rata)
  • Paid holiday leave (pro rata)
  • KPI of 25 clients per week (pro rata), including up to 1 bulk bill client per day
  • Attractive bonuses
  • Salary packaging
  • Fuel/car allowance options


  • Professional development package (pre-approved and renewed yearly) which includes paid PD leave
  • Free monthly small group supervision with an experienced clinical psychologist
  • Access to our free internal training catalogue (80+ hours)


  • Full administrative and organisational support including HR, Finance, ICT
  • Templates provided for clinical case notes and reports
  • Support in writing reports, through a structured quality review process
  • Structured risk management support offered by experienced risk advisors and supervisors
  • Modern and fully furnished counselling rooms and an excellent working environment
  • Technology support and devices provided
  • Full training provided on client management software and procedures


  • Flexibility to choose start and end times
  • Choice of practice locations to suit your lifestyle
  • Remote telehealth opportunities
  • Flexibility to be an employee or subcontractor
  • Flexibility to cover KPI over fewer days to achieve a day off/administration day